Changing the Way the World Moves

Green Hydrogen will have a substantial demand from a large addressable market searching for more sustainable and efficient power sources.

The Kireina Suiso Plant Is a Massive Project Undertaken by a Talented Team

At Kireina Suiso, a group of renowned industry specialists has come together to make one of the best hydrogens available. They may offer a full range of services in energy infrastructures, engineering, cutting-edge technology, renewable energy, and the energy transition.

The Kireina Suiso Plant in Iizakamachi-Nakano, Fukushima-shi, is an example of environmental stewardship and innovation. Furthermore, the goal at this cutting-edge plant in Japan is not only to generate green hydrogen but also to broaden the applications of this renewable fuel so that it becomes the energy that moves the world, delivering oxygen to a planet that has suffered severely in recent decades.


The Dual-TCE (Thermo-Chemical Electrolysis) process, which we developed as an innovative solution, ensures the generation of one of the best hydrogen's on the market – the green hydrogen.


At Kireina Suiso, we have a strong customer base including multiple Blue-Chip Companies from all over the world.


The Kireina Suiso Plant is a large project led by a talented team with outstanding expertise in the industry.


A series of applications have been issued, with several more under development. The goal is to broaden the applications of this renewable fuel so that it becomes the world's primary source of energy.


For the upcoming period, our business strategy is expected to generate significant organic growth.


We are one of the first businesses to build a large-scale green hydrogen power plant. The trend toward electrification of vehicles appears to be gaining traction.

Embracing a Dynamic Trend

We see a lot of momentum behind the electrification of vehicles, which is being pushed by economics, this meaning lower total cost of ownership and higher efficiency, as well as higher asset utilization and autonomy. Long-term sustainability concerns are equally important for reducing emissions and using renewable energy sources. Hydrogen is a natural complement to the existing alternative power options, and it has distinct characteristics that enable industry leaders to seize great opportunities.


Improving Hydrogen Fuel Technology Commercialization

  • We defined our initial market as determining a clear return on investment for customers;
  • More customer experience in the industry;
  • In-depth knowledge of both the market and the technology.


Taking Advantage of Our Unique and Versatile Platform

  • Our platform's design enables widespread adoption;
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can easily incorporate their products into their systems;
  • Flexibility facilitates entry into new markets, such as ground support equipment and commercial on-road applications.


Expanding Our Market Position

  • Making use of the chance to unlock value;
  • Strategic alliances to ensure geographic expansion;
  • Maintaining existing clients through offering additional services;
  • Acquiring new customers through partnerships with some of the most well-known retail companies.


Replicating the First Market's Performance

  • We have a plan in place to monetize green hydrogen's natural evolution;
  • We use our technology to go from concept to first-ever commercial designs for on-road vehicles.


Strong and Predictable Revenue and Bookings Growth

  • Revenue predictability and deployments are projected to have a significant impact on our financial performance;
  • Our dedication to leveraging growing economies of scale and a cost-cutting drive is resulting in increased profit margins;
  • We wisely manage our balance sheet and use the capital markets to get the necessary funding, lowering our overall cost of capital and pursuing attractive growth possibilities.



Our comprehensive solutions have been implemented to a broad and developing market, including blue-chip customers from different parts of the world. Our sustained focus on product development propels us toward profitability while also allowing us to bounce into new markets, applications, and geographies.